About Bianca

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology from SUNY New Paltz, and my Master’s Degree in Childhood and Special Education from Mount Saint Mary College. My husband and I met in college and basically never left. Our youngest son is in 8th grade at NPMS. Our oldest is in his first year at SUNY New Paltz. We love calling this community home.

I am a Special Education teacher in the Suffern Central School District, where I teach a therapeutic support class for kindergarten and first grade students. The unique strengths and talents of my students humble and inspire me daily. I have centered my work as a teacher on creating inclusive and child-centered learning environments that help my students develop their voices, their creativity, and their ability to handle social and emotional challenges. I also have extensive experience in trauma-informed practice, behavior management, and crisis intervention. As a certified instructor in Crisis Prevention and Management, I have trained numerous school personnel in how to safely de-escalate and support students in crisis.

Prior to becoming a teacher, I served as the senior case manager in a 40-bed homeless shelter, overseeing programming. This was an invaluable learning experience and helped me develop a deep understanding of the root causes of substance abuse, poverty, and violence and ultimately, the long-term risks when schools do not meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of their students.

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